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US Anodizing Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send my rifle or gun to you, or does it have to go through my dealer?

Your rifle or gun can be sent directly to us for finishing. We are a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer. You can legally ship your firearm or receiver directly to us and we will also ship it directly to you. The same rule applies to NFA firearms. Just attach a copy your existing BATF Form with your package.

Why don't you have a fixed price for return shipping?

It sure would make it easier for everyone! But, since we do not know the replacement value of a particular part or firearm, we cannot estimate the cost for the insurance. That is why we let the customer/owner determine the amounts for shipping and insurance.

Are there any discounts for Anodizing or refinishing in quantity?

Yes. We have special quantity discounts for manufacturers, law enforcement, military, and dealers.

Do I have to have my Colt AR15 lower re-anodized to change the color from gray to black?

If your lower is not badly worn, has no corrosion, and the original anodizing is in tact, no re-anodizing is required to change the color. You can apply our coating right over the existing anodizing, but proper procedures must be followed. These procedures are listed on our coating instructions.

Does your anodizing and coatings cover dings or scratches on parts?

Good question. It sure would be nice to have a magic coating! If you are familiar with auto body or painting, you know that all imperfections on the metal must be filled or sanded prior to painting. The same rule applies to metal finishing. Any imperfection on the metal (dents or deep scratches) must be corrected prior to anodizing or coating.

I have a reddish Bushmaster XM15 and I want to change the color to match my new M4 upper. Do you have a coating available that will match the new black uppers?

Yes. We have coatings that will match the new Military Spec. Black.

Please email additional questions to info@usanodizing.com.

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