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"Do It Yourself Protective Finishes" from US Anodizing

US Anodizing products and supplies are available to customers who want to apply our protective finishes themselves. We offer a variety of finish types and a range of colors in flat, satin, or gloss. A single 4 oz container of coating is enough to coat a rifle or two handguns using an airbrush. Coating M16 lowers with an airbrush usually takes less than 1 oz of coating! For your convenience, we also offer air brush kits, supplies and accessories for the home user.

Note: Coatings are not recommended to replace hard anodizing on new (bare aluminum) AR15/M16 lower and upper receivers, and pistol alloy frames. A hard anodizing film is required on bare aluminum, to protect critical areas on the receiver from premature wear. We only recommend coatings as a top color coat or as a secondary protection.


  • Heat cured, moly, teflon, & ceramic finishes available.
  • Enhance the feel and appearance of your firearms.
  • Provide protection for extreme use.
  • Colors custom mixed to touch up, or top coat your parts.

Xtremcoat Protective Finishes are now available for your AR/M16 or M4 in Flat "New" Black and Flat "Vintage" Colt Gray.

Container sizes 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz and 128 oz.

Other colors coming soon, Magpul FDE, KAC SOCOM, Daniel Defense FDE and LWRC MRE.

Sorry, we are not selling to the public at this time. 3/1/13

Photo, Airbrush Kit AIR BRUSH KIT
  • Spray pattern adjusts from 1/4'' to 1-1/2'' for maximum versatility.
  • Composite resin and stainless steel construction with brass fittings.
  • Packaged in a storage box.
The kit includes a fine head air brush, 5 ft. vinyl hose, 3/4 oz and 1.5 oz glass jars with lids, propel regulator, 1/4''-18 NPT, and the air brush body
with a finger valve

Sorry, we are not selling to the public at this time. 3/1/13

Click to download US Anodizing Coating Instructions (PDF 60.74 K ) US Anodizing's Coating Instructions 352K PDF
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